About Eco Log Burners

Welcome To Eco Log Burners in Poole, Dorset.
We Are The Original Eco Stove Ftting and Supply Company Around.

Our purpose is to accelerate the use of attractive and sustainable heating by offering stunning and sustainable home centrepieces.

We do this by being always being ready to help guide customers who are looking for a sustainable heating solution.

When an Eco ready stove is correctly installed and sustainable fuel is used the new era of Eco-design ready stoves are carbon neutral.

This new range of Eco ready stoves puts open fires, old-style stoves and gas to shame.

Our Founder

Doug’s journey started in 2014 when he fitted a Wood Burning Stove for his Mum and Dad at their Oakdale home in Poole, Dorset.

After getting several confusing quotes, his parents convinced Doug to do the installation due to his 15 years running a building company that specialised in extensions and loft conversions.

The Log Burner Project went well, so Doug was asked to start fitting Stoves for the local Stove supply showroom in Poole.

What started as a side project soon became Doug’s passion, and before long, Doug realised that fitting stoves were the direction he wanted to take.

Doug wanted to focus on the eco stoves that were only starting to emerge. He was aware of the pollutants that open fires and old-style log burners were creating, yet the public at the time wasn’t being made aware of this.

Something had to be done quickly. While not everyone wanted an Eco stove, many were happy to learn that they had a new, improved option.

If Dougs not in the office answering calls and emails, you will find him on site fitting log burners.

When he does manage to stop for a rest, it will often be to spend time with his two amazing dogs, Minnie and Cooper.

Log Burners

Doug Womack

Founder and Hetas Engineer
Dogs and Log burner