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Top Five Favourite Eco-design Ready Stoves

Here is a list of 5 of our favourite Ecodesign ready stoves that are currently available, for those wondering what the score is with Ecodesign let me explain; Ecodesign is a European scheme set up to help lower emissions, that will be enforced from 2022.

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Seven Reasons to own an Eco design ready Stove

1. Eco awareness

Burning wood is a great source of eco heat, these days people are waking up to the fact that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, and burning wood is a carbon neutral fuel due to the natural cycle of planting and harvesting the trees that we burn.In fact if we were to get technical, the energy efficiency of wood is 0.008kg of carbon per KW compared with 0.198kg for gas, 0.274kg for oil and 0.517kg for electricity.Its also relatively easy to source off cuts being thrown away that would otherwise be left to rot.

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What Stove Features Do I Need?

Okay, so you have begun your journey into the land of Log Burners and are trying to navigate your way around the world of riddling grates and air washers.  All of which can all be a little bit confusing, to say the least, so we have broken it down for you.

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Why you shouldn’t buy a multi fuel stove?

A Wood burning stove is a stove that you should only burn wood in. Some stoves can be converted to multi-fuel with an upgrade of a multi-fuel grate kit and others are designed to be multi-fuel.
A Multi-fuel stove is a stove that can burn a range of fuels such as coal and wood, this being the main draw for owners of multi-fuel stoves.

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How do you work out the amount of kilowatts you need?

To achieve a relaxing room temperature of around 21ºC when the external air temperature is at freezing (0ºC) you will need approximately 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic meters of space.

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Will my stove need an air vent?

Anything 5KW or under won’t need an air vent unless you have a New build Property (built after 2008) or your property has been recently upgraded to a modern standard. If this is the case it must be a permanently open air vent within the room venting to the outside either straight through the wall of the room that the log burner is in, or one room away as long as there is air flow between the rooms.

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How to fit a log burning stove?

I get calls all the time from customers who have the skills and are wanting to fit their own log burners to save themselves some money.
As well as calls from some people who have tried to fit their own stove and its gone wrong and we go and help sort it out.
We also get a lot of clients who have recently moved into a new home that has had a log burner fitter by the previous homeowner and they just don’t quite feel safe and often for good reason, that’s why I would like t share with you how we do it.

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Fitting a Twin-Wall Chimney System in Dorset

When installing a twin wall system you will nearly always want to start from the bottom and from here work your way up, as the straightest way is the most efficient way for a chimney system.
It is important to always calculate the chimney system before you start, this can be done your self or we can do this for you using our twin wall calculation software. Often the most efficient route if the stove is against an external wall is to go out through the wall and straight up and around the soffits.

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