No More Log Burners in The UK? New 2022 Ecodesign Regulations.

Log burners and multi-fuel stoves have been in the news recently due to concerns about the emissions they produce.

To combat the issue, in 2022, new regulations are due to come into force in the UK. Being active in the eco-space, we are constantly getting asked about these new Ecodesign regulations and how they would affect domestic log burners.

On that account, we have put together a quick guide that will help answer all your questions. Let’s get going with the first one:

Are Log Burners Going to be Banned?

To get the main question out of the way, no! Log burners and wood-burning stoves are not going to be banned in the UK.

The latest (and final) version of the Clean Air Strategy has nevertheless influenced many to believe that their cherished log burning days are over. They are not!

The new regulations put in force that by 2022, all new log burners and wood-burning stoves must restrict their emissions to an agreed level. In other words, the old log burners can remain operational, but the new ones have to be more efficient.

What Do The New Regulations Precisely Say?

Considering the confusion and chaos prompted by recent news articles, let’s clear some of the air (no pun intended!). 

Here are the key takeaways:

  • By 2022, only the cleanest log burners and stoves will be allowed to be on the UK market.
  • Rules will be set in place to restrict the use of unclean solid fuels.
  • You will be allowed to continue using a log burner in your home. However, only the ‘Ready to Burn’ logs should be used.
  • The use of Ecodesign Ready appliances will not be affected in any way by the new policies.

How much air pollution do they emit?

The reports suggest that there are various types of pollutants in our air, and they all come from different sources. However, about 38% of primary pollutants in the atmosphere in recent years has come from the burning of logs or coal.

Clearly, this statistic managed to turn many heads and drew the attention of the authorities. Given the high level of pollutants from traditional open fires and log burners, the officials regarded them as a potential cause of significant health concerns, hence the new regulations.

The reports also acknowledge that not all log burners are not inefficient or detrimental to the environment! 

Ecodesign log burners fall within the safe zone. They do not discharge dangerous emissions, making them much cleaner than your conventional wood burners or open fireplaces.

Ecodesign ready wood-burning stoves are designed using a better, refined, and upgraded burn technology.

 Which causes the log burners to discharge about 90% fewer emissions than an open fireplace and nearly 80% fewer emissions than a stove manufactured only 10 years ago. 

Would I Be Able To Use My Log Burner After The Regulations Take Effect?

Yes! You will be able to use your old log burner or wood-burning stove even after the new regulations are set in place.

The Stove Industry Alliance validates it by pointing out that the new regulations will not prohibit the use of log burners already in use by homeowners. 

It will simply define more suitable regulations for new wood-burning stoves and log burners.

And in point of fact, the introduction of new rules is something that happens to all industries.

Thus, if you already have a log burner installed in your home, you will be permitted to keep on using it. However, as we have mentioned already, you will only be allowed to burn certain “Ready to Burn” fuels on it.

Elaborating; only the fuels with a moisture content of 20% or less will be allowed to be used with log burners to limit the number of pollutants your appliances emit.

Coal has been classified as the most polluting fuel and will be subject to either a ban.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The New Regulations:

• What is Ecodesign?

In Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ecodesign is a program for the regulation of energy-related products. Ecodesign’s rules apply to the entire UK. However, there could be differences in how they apply in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

• When do the new Ecodesign regulations come into force in the UK?


• Will Brexit have any effect on Ecodesign regulations?

No, Brexit has nothing to do with Ecodesign regulations.

• Are Ecodesign and DEFRA the same?

No. DEFRA stands for Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It is the government body that deals with environmental protection, sets standards of food production, agriculture and fisheries, and is responsible for advancing rural communities in the United Kingdom.

• If I already have a log burner installed or plan to have one installed before 2022, would I be required to replace it in 2022?


All log burners and wood-burning stoves that are already installed or are currently in the supply chain (manufactured before 1st January 2022) are exempt from the new regulations.

The regulations only intend to restrict manufacturing or selling a log burner that isn’t Ecodesign ready after 1st January 2022.


The regulations will not force you to remove your log burners from your home. They will simply ensure that the manufacture of new wood-burning stoves is within the confines of more stringent limits when emitting pollution. 

That being said, if you are ready to upgrade to a cleaner, more efficient form of heating. Join us in our mission to accelerate the switch to a greener Briton.