Top Five Favourite Eco-design Ready Stoves

Di Lusso Eco R4 Inset

Our Favourite Five Eco-Design Ready Stoves 

Here at Eco Log Burners we are passionate about sustainable heating and have been since we started in 2015.

We have a lot of stove we like but here is a list of our top 5 of our favourite Ecodesign ready stoves. Eco-design ready is a European scheme set up to help lower emissions, that will be enforced from 2022.

The Eco-Design Ready Aim:

Its primary aim is to increase the environmental benefits of log burners. This new act will help keep the air clean by reducing the emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Something here at Eco Log Burners we care about greatly.

Most stove companies have now fully switched to producing only Ecodesign Stoves which is great, here are some of our favourites.

Our Favorites

Di Lusso EcoHunters Di Lusso Euro R4 is one of our favourite free standing wood burning stoves ideal for that modest size kitchen extension where a 2-6kw range is all you need and with a nominal 4.9kw its most definitely a stove that’s going to pay for its self in no time, while looking absolutly stunning.

If you’re not into curves check out the ACR Trinity III,ACR trinity Stove a 3.5 – 8.5 kW range stove with a whole lot of features including  an air wash system and Cleanburn technology. It’s 3 window means that it can be enjoyed from all angles. One feature that’s also quite attractive is its ability to be able to fit an external air supply kit which means no unwanted draughts. Just a whole lot of impressed friends.

Aspect 4

A similarly modern stove that is in the under 5kw bracket that I know a lot of stove shoppers are looking for is the Aspect 4 Eco with a choice of stainless steel or black handle and the option. It’s a contemporary stove with a huge heart plus it has with options for an underneath firebox wood storage or bench.

The Di Lusso Eco R4 Inset is one of our favourite inset stoves, it has a 4.9kwDi Lusso Eco R4 Inset heat output and is greatfor small spaces. What we love most is its large viewing window and the choice of different frames means it can be fitted high up or low down.

Langdale StoveLastly the Larchdale is a special stove, it’s big glass window and sturdy strucure gives you a sense of satisfaction. At 9kw its got a good kick of heat for those cold winter nights.