Top Rated Eco Stoves for 2022

Top Rated 5KW Eco Wood-Burning Stoves

Di Lusso Eco Euro R4

The Di Lusso Eco Euro R4 is an extraordinarily performing style statement. The brilliant blend of innovation and flawlessness, Eco Euro R4 is a part of the ultramodern generation of wood-burning stoves. It uses rotatory controls and EAD firebox technology to deliver a stellarly efficient, dazzling burn.

Most importantly, this trendsetting stove is Ecodesign 2022 approved! Designed primarily to burn wood, it can take logs up to 10 inches or 250 mm in length, and if you want to burn solid fuels, an optional Multi-Fuel Kit is also available.

With the dynamic control cassette technology, this stove assures a uniform airflow through the oxidisation valve, which prevents smouldering when the fire is ignited at lower temperatures. And, with a Cleanburn System, the Euro R4 achieves maximal heat from the fuel burnt, alongside providing a stunning and unhindered view of the flames via its large glass viewing window.

Lastly, this eco wood-burning stove has a total heat output range from 2.0kW up to 6.0kW with a nominal heat output rating of 4.9kW. And, when installed with the DEFRA kit, it is approved for use even in smoke controlled areas.

Bassington ECO Skirted

The Bassington Eco Skirted comprises a cast-iron framework for durability and generating maximum heat, a widescreen firebox glass picture window for maintaining an optimal view of the flames, an Airwash system and a lifetime warranty.

This innovatively designed wood-burning stove is built with positive environmental restructuring in mind to meet the new Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) Eco Design Regulations that encourage producing cleaner and more efficient stoves that emit lower carbon discharges. It is also DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke controlled areas.

Besides, the Bassington Eco Skirted has remarkable environmental friendly ratings: mostly, A to A+, with which homeowners can considerably reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy their stove with the added reassurance that their investment is of a high eco-friendly standard.

With a nominal heat output range from 2.5kW to 8kW, and a heat output rating of 5kW, this HETAS approved wood-burning stove is an additional 4% more efficient than required by the current regulations


Hunter Parkray Aspect 5 Eco

If you’re looking for a decently sized stove for use in a standard-sized room, the Aspect 5 Eco will surely appeal to you!

The Aspect 5 Eco is the best-selling stove by Parkay and features a large, panoramic window so you can view the elegance of the flames in your stove that is kept clean by the Airwash technology. Able to change its output from 7kW to 4kW in just a matter of seconds, this wood-burning stove is incredibly controllable. Besides, even when it is operating at high outputs, the Aspect 5 Eco has a scant carbon-monoxide emission of just 0.17%. Meaning you can keep warm and be environment-friendly at the same time!

The heat output rating of this model is a nominal 4.9kW, and so additional ventilation is not required in the room the stove is installed. Also, it meets DEFRA’S uncompromising standards for use in smoke controlled zones, which allows you to burn wood regardless of where you are in the UK.

Parkray’s state-of-the-art Tripleburn technology makes this stove extremely efficient (up to 79.1%), giving it enhanced performance and usability. And, with effective oxidisation of the fuel because of its three-stream technology, the Aspect 5 Eco results in a higher heat output while discharging fewer emissions.

Scene Eco

This versatile, reliable, and accomplished stove has been made environmental-consciously to meet the new Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) Eco-Design Regulations. It is also DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke controlled areas.

Manufactured from high-quality cast iron, the Scene Eco Stove prides itself on an extra-large viewing window to give you an unobstructed view of a dazzling fire.

The stove is successfully tested and approved at 5kW output but if it is put to burn wood at outputs higher than 5kW, a permanent external ventilation system is required, complying with Document J of the UK Building Regulations.

With staggeringly high efficiency of up to 84%, this robust and hard-wearing stove features sturdy cast iron tapering legs that make it one of the most complete wood-burning stoves in the world — great in the looks department, and even greater in the functional domain.

Savona ECO

The Savona ECO is one of the most superior and fascinating stoves of the recently launched ECO 2022 range. Designed to promote improved air quality, this wood-burning stove boasts remarkably environmental-friendly energy ratings of A to A+. To add to that, it is DEFRA approved for burning wood in smoke controlled areas.

Comprising a steel framework for modern styling and delivering maximum heat, a wide glass picture window, an Airwash system for sustaining a lovely view of the flames, and protected with a lifetime warranty, this unpolluting HETAS approved stove offers you one of the best overall packages when it comes to price, durability, and sheer style.

Finally yet importantly, with a nominal heat output rating of 4.9 kW, the Savona ECO is highly efficient, and you can use it unhesitatingly, without a worry about worsening the air condition.

Panamera Eco and Eco Supreme

This sublimely designed Panamera stove is Eco Ready and DEFRA approved, which means you can use it to burn wood even in smoke controlled areas. Thus, no matter where you are in the UK, you can use the Panamera Eco freely.

Its simple yet sophisticated design is perfect for modern interiors, and the curved door contour supplements a sense of suaveness to any home. 

The stove is tested and approved at a 5kW heat output rating.

With an efficiency of up to 84%, this innovatory, modernistic, and contemporary Scandi-style stove gives you a truly unique wood-burning experience, making it a wonderful appliance that adheres to all SIA regulations.

Design-wise, the Panamera Eco comprises a steel construction for efficient heat projection and premium styling, an appealing curved glass picture window, and an Airwash system for an optimal view of the blazing fire. Plus want to go bigger it comes with the notion of a built-in under stove log store if freestanding is more your thing.

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