Why you shouldn’t buy a multi fuel stove?

A Wood burning stove is a stove that you should only burn wood in. Some stoves can be converted to multi-fuel with an upgrade of a multi-fuel grate kit and others are designed to be multi-fuel.

A Multi-fuel stove is a stove that can burn a range of fuels such as coal and wood, this being the main draw for owners of multi-fuel stoves.

The two fuels burn differently, a wood fire needs air from the top (secondary air) and a coal fire wants air from underneath (primary air) this is why we recommend a layer of ash to block the grate when burning wood and a clean grate when burning coal.

We always recommend that the owners of multi-fuel stoves are careful in the amount of coal they use as well as not using wood and coal at the same time as this is known to damage the liners as well as being harmful to the environment.

One other advantage of having the wood only version of whichever stove is that you choose is that it normally has more space so can fit larger logs in it due it not having a grate.

If you have access to lots of wood and have space to store it for me it would be a no-brainer, it will save you a few quid as well.

A wood only stove is what we would recommend as it is far more environmentally friendly due to wood being a carbon-neutral source of energy.