What Stove Features Do I Need?

Ok, so you have begun your journey into the land of Log Burners and are trying to navigate your way around the world of riddling grates and air washers.  All of which can all be a little bit confusing, to say the least, so we have broken it down for you.

Controllable Vents

According to a survey done by Which magazine the most useful feature to look for is the ability to be able to control the airflow which in turn regulates the amount of heat you get from the stove. So looking for an adjustable kW rating is definitely worth considering.


A Large window

This is one of the requests we hear most often as although a log burner is great for heating your home, let’s be honest

 most of us have central heating, a stove is more than just a heat source it’s the main focal point in the home. far better than a TV in our opinion.

Air Wash System

Having now found the perfect stove with a large window it’s important that the screen stays clean this is why a stove with an air wash system is a popular choice for stove lovers, although it won’t fully keep your stove from ever needing to be cleaned, it will certainly help.

Removable ash Pan

The fact that it comes out makes life a lot easier for when the ash needs to be emptied.


This helps to loosen the ash which will then drop down into the ash pan.

Stove thermometer 

These can help prolong your stoves life as well as the burn efficiency as you can monitor the temp of your stove. Get

them in our store now.

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