Seven Reasons to own an Eco design ready Stove


A guide for those looking for log burning stoves

1. Eco awareness

Burning wood is a great source of eco heat, these days people are waking up to the fact that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, and burning wood is a carbon neutral fuel due to the natural cycle of planting and harvesting the trees that we burn.
In fact if we were to get technical, the energy efficiency of wood is 0.008kg of carbon per KW compared with 0.198kg for gas, 0.274kg for oil.
Its also relatively easy to source off cuts being thrown away that would otherwise be left to rot.

2. Saving money is nice

The money saved varies from home to home, according to the Stove Industry Alliance a wood burning stove is 77 per cent cheaper to run than an electric fire, 29 per cent cheaper per kW than a gas effect fire, and 43 per cent and 40 per cent cheaper than an oil and LPG fires respectively,this said there’s a wide array of different stoves on the market and choosing the right one, with a high efficiency rating, for your home is important.

3. Self sufficient

No more power cut worries or expensive boiler breakdowns, its just you and your wood burner against the world and no one is going to stop you having a night in front of the fire, feet up after a long day its your time.

4.Energy efficient

Its estimated that on average an open fireplace is around 20-25% efficient, where as a wood burner will be anywhere between 74% and 86% efficient. In fact new legislation coming in means that all new designs of log burners must meet the new Eco standards of 80%

5. Its who you are

With a wide plethora of designs from contemporary inset stoves to classic free standing stoves, oak mantles, stone hearths and stove accessories its easy to make a statement.

6. Add Value to your home

In fact, according to This money magazine a feature fireplace can add up to 5 per cent to the value of a home. In fact here in Dorset we are seeing a rise in the amount of luxury new homes being fitted with top of the range log burners.

7. Its looks and feels great

wood burner

One of the biggest draws is the wow factor, owning a wood burning stove gives your home that eye-catching look and cosy feel of a real fire, but with none of the hassle.

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